Today in the city Lexington 17.07.2018
Woman captures video of a rat scurrying around bakery display

A customer's video of a rat crawling around a bakery's display case in the Lexington Market shuttered the historic Baltimore landmark on Friday. Milton Mitchell took video Thursday afternoon, showi...

Mitch McConnell was heckled TWICE in one weekend by angry protesters

  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) left two restaurants in two days after he was confronted by protesters in his home state of Kentucky. Protesters are angry about his support for the...

Stan Lee drops 'confusing' $1bn lawsuit against his former company

The comic book creator has terminated a suit against Pow! Entertainment over claims that he was conned into signing over rights to his identity and likenessStan Lee has dropped a $1bn lawsuit against...

A bookstore owner called the cops on a woman who confronted Steve Bannon and called him a 'piece of trash'

A woman called Steve Bannon a "piece of trash" in a Virginia bookstore. The owner of the store called the cops, but the woman left before police arrived. The incident is part of a larger movement of c...

Red Hen Restaurant that Refused to Serve Sarah Sanders Reopens to Protests

The Lexington, Virginia, restaurant that refused service to White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders reopened Thursday night to a crowd of protesters carrying signs.

Red Hen Restaurant Owner Resigns as Director of Main Street Lexington Business Group...Too Much Winning?

{{file|t=alDeX_1530056970}} The Stupid Libtard Logic Of The Hypocritical and Mentally Deranged Left: A sign in the window of the Red Hen belies the hypocrisy of owner and staff who voted to kick San...

'Red Hen' Owner Resigns from Lexington Business Group After Clash with Sarah Sanders

Stephanie Wilkinson, the left-wing owner of the Red Hen restaurant who kicked out Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her guests out on Friday night, has resigned from the Main Street Lexington business group.

Federal School Safety Commission Meeting in Lexington

The Federal Commission on School Safety is meeting in Kentucky for a listening session with state and local government officials along with members of the public.

Trump press secretary Sarah Sanders ejected from Virginia restaurant

Red Hen in Lexington at centre of social media stormSanders says asked to leave ‘because I work for POTUS’The White House press secretary Sarah Sanders claimed on Saturday that she was thrown out of a...

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